Petition to call on Manuel Cortes to end the Dispute at TSSA‏

You can sign our petition here

It’s sad when the staff working for a trade union need a trade union themselves. But that’s exactly what’s happened at the TSSA union, where employees represented by the union GMB have found themselves in a long and bitter struggle with the TSSA management.

Not only has this had a huge effect on GMB members working at TSSA, but is seriously damaging TSSA’s ability to do its job of representing workers in transport and travel.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, could end the dispute by coming to an agreement with his staff and their union.

But for that to happen, Cortes needs to drop his attack on staff, by ending his plan to force staff to reapply for their own jobs.

Please help us bring an end to this sorry story by joining with TSSA staff and calling on Manuel Cortes to be fair to his own employees and start rebuilding the TSSA!


Financial difficulties at the TSSA resulted in radical management plans last November to slim down the staffing numbers to cut costs. GMB members working at TSSA sacrificed pay awards and absorbed increasing workloads as colleagues left the organisation under severance arrangements. Finally, this summer, staff were told that the finances were now stable.

But then, Manuel Cortes dropped a bombshell: staff would have to go through assessments – for their own jobs.

GMB members working at TSSA have taken strike action over the dispute, on 8 October, and are now engaged in talks at Acas to try and resolve the disagreements. But the negotiations are painfully slow and the continuing delays threaten to do irreparable damage to TSSA.

TSSA membership has dropped by over 1,100 since the re-organisation started, and currently hundreds are deserting each month. Staff morale is understandably at rock bottom and sickness levels are rocketing.

It is time for the General Secretary to do the right thing and unite his staff to start rebuilding the union, for the good of those working at TSSA, the members of TSSA and for the Trade Union movement as a whole.

Manuel, let your staff have their jobs back. Come to an agreement with the GMB.

Sign our petition here


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