GMB Members at TSSA: Strike Called as Staff Forced to Apply for own Jobs!

Management at the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) have written to all Organisers indicating they do not have a role assured in their new organisation and they will have to apply for their own jobs.

The Organisers join the union’s Support staff in being unsure of their future in the TSSA. This means over 30 staff in an organisation of barely 50 are being told they may not be good enough to work for the union and have to go through an assessment process!

This is an injustice that TSSA Organisers fight every day, with cut throat employers seeking to pick and choose favourites and carry out personal vendettas under the guise of re-organisations. TSSA Management started this restructure nearly eleven months ago, explicitly saying it was solely to cut staffing costs and not to change the way the union worked. After losing many valued and long-standing colleagues to voluntary severance and keeping the union running in the face of erratic staffing levels and non-existent management and direction, the staff are now being told they may not be fit to take the union forward.

There are enough jobs for everyone and the staff’s demands are simple – place us in secure and meaningful jobs and withdraw the threat of assessments. The General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has refused outright to consider this.

The GMB are in dispute over this threat to members working at TSSA and have called strike action.

It is the third time GMB have had to call strike action in this seemingly endless re-organisation. TSSA members deserve better than to have their union continue to be in chaos.

The strike will take place on Wednesday 8 October from 07:00 to 23:59. The main picket line will be in operation outside TSSA’s Head Office, Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, London NW1 2EJ (near Euston Station) from 8am.

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2 thoughts on “GMB Members at TSSA: Strike Called as Staff Forced to Apply for own Jobs!

  1. Tim Lulham

    I am a member of TSSA, a branch officer and former rep. In 2009, my employer Network Rail made 120 staff apply for our own jobs, resulting in 40 being dismissed as redundant. A number of dismissed members, supported by TSSA, won significant compensation for unfair dismissal. TSSA also won compensation for all 40 staff (40 days pay) due to the Company’s failure to consult. At that time I felt proud to be a member of a union which stood up for it’s members. It is therefore sickening that TSSA are now following the lead of what was at the time the worst employer I have ever worked for. The General Secretary and his AGS’ should hang their heads in shame. While I understand the need to cut costs, their behaviour towards their own staff in recent months has been nothing short of despicable. I have asked our Divisional Council Secretary – a member of the Exec – to write to the General Secretary expressing our strong objections to the way he and his team have handled this situation.

  2. Sgurr MacAonach

    The General Secretary often tells how he had to leave Gibraltar because of his trade union activities. It was probably his members that told him to go.


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